Choose A Professional Steadicam Operator In London

To capture the imagination of your viewers, it’s vitally important that you catch their eye at every opportunity. Whether you’re setting the mood in a particular scene, generating a message for your audience or simply advertising your products, you will want the best angles encapsulated on film to hit these points.

If you’re looking for a Steadicam operator in London with an abundance of experience across the filming world, Lyte Camera is the right service to call upon. Will Lyte has gained and gathered expertise throughout the UK working on a variety of different productions with outstanding results. You can discover more about the previous work that Will Lyte has performed and captured by checking out his showreel .

Choose a reputable Steadicam operator working from a London office

Lyte Camera operates from both Manchester and London to provide his assistance to everything from TV commercials, corporate videos, feature films, music videos, documentaries, dramas and much more. His reputation as an approachable and professional Steadicam operator in London will ensure your project flows smoothly and the results are refined and eye-catching.

As a fully trained MK-V Omega AR Revolution system operator, Will Lyte can utilise its range of features and use his tried and tested techniques to produce unique angles for your video content.

To discover more about Lyte Camera and why you should place your trust with him for your project, speak to Will Lyte today .

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