Find A Professional Steadicam Operator

Investing in a Steadicam operator for your video content, film, advertisement, corporate video or anything in between can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your piece. When you work alongside Will Lyte, you can seek expert advice and guidance on how to get the best out of the Steadicam and its range of capabilities.

By choosing a professional Steadicam operator who understands how to create something unique with each recording, you’ll have the best chance of generating the content that you desire. Lyte Camera, the work of Will Lyte, is the service that you need to create everything from music videos, commercials, feature films and much more.

A Steadicam operator who can accommodate to your specific requirements

His experience in this area has led to a number of credits in pieces for his work with the Steadicam. This is down to his inside out knowledge of the camera and its capabilities which help to create something unique, interesting and eye-catching for your video content.

Whatever your requirements and no matter the task, Lyte Camera will help to craft a special piece of film. In addition to his expertise with Steadicam, Will Lyte can provide you with support from the Omega AR2 as well.

To discover more about Lyte Camera and how you can benefit, speak to Will today.