Find The Perfect Steadicam Operator For Music Videos

To create the ultimate angles and to ensure you make the most of every investment you make for lighting, sound and paid time for actors, you need to secure the services of someone who has experience in filming under pressure and to exact specifications. With his Steadicam in tow, Will Lyte of Lyte Camera will provide you with a range of options tailored to your specific movie, film, advert, corporate video or explainer video.

One such area that the Steadicam excels in is when it is utilised for music videos. As a professional and highly-trained Steadicam operator for music videos , Lyte Camera can provide you with a vast array of options which can be perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Music videos and helping to portray the story in an effective way

You will strive to create something totally unique with your music video. It is only right that you source the help of an experienced Steadicam operator with experience working on music videos for your project. Will Lyte has worked with a number of esteemed clients to provide a selection of unique attributes that come as standard with professional Steadicam work.

He uses the MK-V Omega AR Revolution from his bases London and Manchester to create exceptional finishes for music videos and many more.

If you would like to find out how Lyte Camera can become your Steadicam operator for your music video, get in contact with him today .

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